Adrian’s talk

We got in to groups of 8 and co-cooperatively came up with our very mighty team name: ‘No name’!

The reason for forming teams was for a hands-on challenge, where we given a ball to throw in to one of two upside down plastic cones which were lying on the floor in front of us. We had to make a decision of either throwing them in to a far cone, or a cone that’s closer to us. The cone that’s closer would score us 5 points, but the far away one would give us 10. As a team, we all aimed for the one that is further away. We all had a turn each, but in the end we didn’t score any points.

Afterwards, that task was used as a way to test what action was safe for us to do. The close cone that was used as a way of depicting a form of a ‘Safe zone’ to us or the other cone, that was a bit of a risky move.

I have learnt from this, that I can’t always take a risk and expect it to work all of the time. I need to think about my options and test out what works. Although, I can’t always stick with the safer option, too. I need to try out both and see what works out for myself.

We also we spoke to about learning outcomes and what was expected from us for the year. Then, the talk was finished off by having all of us line up against the wall from one side all along to the other side of the room. On one side were the ‘Introverts’ and the other side were the ‘Extroverts’.



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