Keiron’s work shop

Moving on to Kieron’s work shop, he showed us how to make a small 8 paged *’Zine’.

*Zine is an abbreviation for Magazine.


Keiron had explain previously, that he had created a cover by scanning the things that he used on a daily basis. He laid them out neatly and arranged them to the  way he wanted it; they were placed in a pretty neat presentation on the machine. Once those were scanned in to the computer, he edited the design further by including something of interest to him, or something he likes doing.

On the right, you can see that he has taken his final magazine print for the cover and he’s used a metal ruler to help carefully fold the paper in half.

IMG_20150928_145133I attempted to zoom the camera in, just to avoid the shoulders of those in front. This is the second fold. In the end, he did another fold and continued until he reached the set amount of folds for eight pages.

In my opinion, I felt eight was a too many folds for an A4 piece of paper because the outcome was pretty small, and even trying to get the folds in accurately would’ve had some trouble in doing.


IMG_20150928_145611Adding a few final touches to the book.


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