Reflection on creating my blog and group work.

A blog is a ‘natural part of creative process’.

I have to admit that I didn’t struggle with creating a blog, nor did I have any problems while setting it up on my own. I’ve had experience with WordPress before, as well as I’ve had experience with blogging and managing other blogs on other domains, such as Blogspot and Tumblr. I didn’t struggle with this task. Although, I did find it difficult to think up of tags and different categories I may need to create for it.

There was a constant browser lag on my computer, which did cause some havoc when trying to save any changes or when refreshing; that may be something I need to look in to fixing later at another time.

I chose to use my double barrel name, instead of my shortened down nickname. It made a nice change for once to be using ‘Marie’ in things such as this.

The theme “Edin” is slim, smooth and a pretty attractive overall. Personally, I’m very picky when it comes to themes, but this one is great.

Group tasks

The group were quick to make decisions, but I strongly believe that sometimes it was a little unfair. I like listening to the person’s first, before I need to respond; yet, I couldn’t fit in a single word. It didn’t seem fair at all. We also did decide to write up and share notes on the Tuesday at 1pm in the Library and still, a few of the members of the group turned up ten, twenty and then 35 minutes later. I felt disappointed. I understand that I may have not said a lot on the day before in our decision making in what we all were going to do, or meet etc. But, I couldn’t. It’s hard to hear what they’re saying to me, while there’s other groups making noise. As much as I concentrate or focus my attention on them, the others are distracting.

Wednesday 30th September: I wasn’t in for the final set ups of blog posts because of transportation issues, however, I did offer to email my notes to the group or give them access in ways to contact me, if they were stuck or needed my input.

Overall, I feel I’ve let down this team a little, but I also felt let down in return. I wanted to put in more, but it was hard because of the reasons above. When someone turns up 35minutes late to something that’s been arranged, then verified at least twice, I see that as disrespectful. I did apologise for not being there on the final day, but tried to compensate for it by offering my email, as I have stated.



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