Sara’s Talk: Visual Research

The first talk of the day: Visual research. This talk was used in order to discuss the importance of how we should display, research, analyse, plot, aim and discuss our work.  However, this is often addressed in the form of asking ourselves questions, such as ‘How we will do this?’; ‘What did we do?’, ‘Why did we do it?’.  By using the big ‘How?’, ‘What? and ‘Why?’, it helps us to grasp what we are doing, why we are doing it and how we can progress further.

Here are some examples from the notes taken during the talk:


  • Process of what I’m doing.
  • Visual maps, illustrates and shows process.
  • Research is systematic.


  • To show everyone your thought process.
  • By having your work in front of you, it helps you to keep a track on what you are doing.

Photograph, film, draw and write.
Annotate, draw and record.
Keep everything, but learn how to edit your work.

Other than those few pointers, we learnt about ‘Do’s and don’t s’  of what we can show,  do  or cannot show or do in our blogs and sketch books. I specifically  wrote down these, so it would be a helpful thing for me to keep in mind of the things I can and can’t do in future.

Things we do:
• Draw stick men, make coloured charts, take photographs and then annotate it all.
Things to consider:
• Don’t print things on Wikipedia—pages and then stick in book
• An essay on a subject—just write quick facts.

Finally, our blogs are there to show process and progress. Research is a form of creative process, and we can us it to show others our progress, we can follow our own and even show people in other industries what we are doing.

Work can be documented in many forms. From posters, to photographs or even to tiny, little drawings of men rapping with cowboy hats on pieces of lined paper.

Other considerations for work can be considering how the light is on a painting, or what the background is like, texture of the material that a medium has been used on; I also need to mention their functions and details.



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