Level 4 Viscomm- CCS

The importance of history in design

The basis of the entire module. Here are all of the following notes, that I’ve taken from the power point shown during the lecture on Tuesday 06th October 2015.

  1. We’ll be selecting a room at the V&A on Tuesday of the third week.
  2. Meeting at the main entrance.
  3. Check Weblearn by Friday.

The great exhibition. 1851.

    • Urbanisation
    • Mass-production.
    • Imperialism.
    • Mass consumerism
    • Regulation of taste.
    • Social improvement: Philanthropy and Paternalism.

Paul Greenhelgh

Ephemeral visitors.

Prefabrication, world fairs, mass communications, urbanization, mass production.

Industrial revolution.


Adrian Forty

Objects of desire.


  • Britain had an emerging capitalist system.
  • simple cooperation of workers, who share a workshop and buy raw materials, then sell their work collectively.
  • Different tasks of craft divided up amongst the workers with a master in charge.
  • There was an introduction of  machines.

Great Exhibition 1851 was set in Hyde Park and it was inside ‘The Crystal palace’. The Crystal palace is built of steel and glass, and the maker behind it was Joseph Paxton. The event had over 100,000 objects put on display from 34 different nations and the exhibition had just over 600,000,000 visitors from around the world. It was funded by private individuals.

Perhaps one of the individuals were Prince Albert? He was the main drive behind the exhibition, and having the event take place. It has been stated that the royal family wanted to introduce ‘good taste’ to the upper class and the working class.

What did the exhibition represent? It represented a country with an empire; it was the first ever international exhibition to be held, it represents a demonstration of the modern industrial designs and ideas of the rest of the world.

Note: 1848– There was a revolution in other countries besides Britain.

The exhibition was also about instruction and teaching people about social improvement.




*Still adding notes and will add, edit and update.



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