Studio culture week

For  this week, we shall be visiting the studios of Itsnicethat; their studios were located all in Haggerston. Unfortunately, I couldn’t attend to the session we had with them as a group, but the task for that day was to find out what their studios were like; how they organise their studio, where they keep their work and how they lay out their desks, tables and equipment.

Returning on the Friday, we had to organise ourselves in to groups. The groups were set out as this:

  • Library
  • Inspiration
  • Tools and equipment
  • Separate area to store work
  • Communal cutting area
  • Desks
  • Working/Testing area
  • Storage
  • Lockers
  • Tutorial area
  • Drawing wall

From the fine selection of groups we all had, I chose to go in the most difficult one. The Desk group. Our task was to plan, discuss and coordinate where the desks will be laid out in the studio. We couldn’t come in to terms with a decision at first, there were some disagreements due to the fact that we had so many people and few desks and chairs. We all decided to work out how many of us there were first; then measure out the length and widths of the space in the room. Each member of the group were working very efficiently and we got this task done quickly.

I was left to take photographs of all of the different changes the group made. From the floor plans to the final desk layouts.


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