Rotations– Photography

For this rotation week, we shall be researching about photographic typologies, brainstorming ideas on our magazine subject, producing a series of images and presenting them in an A4 format on 5 pages.

I will need to start planning out my target subject, which I have decided it will be for a lifestyle magazine, such as Icon. The theme will be city life. I’ll need to think of whether, or not this will be a commercial magazine, or one of those magazines where it’s a general read for leisure kind.

The things I’ll need to keep in mind will be the specifics, for example; will one image take up two pages? How will the magazine be presented? what kinds of photos will I take? Will the photographs be in colour, or black and white? Will some of these images be objects on their own? If so, how will I present them?

Before I proceeded to go and take a look at magazines and take images, I began by taking notes from the talk to remind myself of the task:

  • Photographic typologies-
  • Typographic
  • Seeing things in a different way
  • No emotional feelings or attachment to subject or object

Another thing, that I wanted to keep in mind is that I need to try and make a typology in the magazine somehow.

As my theme for the magazine article will be London city life; my aim for it will be making it a lifestyle type of article where it will describe how the atmosphere is there. I quite often get asked about what London is like, or what’s it like traveling there and back. If I settle for that, that will give me a general idea of who the target audience is for the task.

On Monday, I went out and trawled the streets of Aldgate, Whitechapel and Tower hill to take my images. This took the whole day to do this, but it was worth it. I was snapping shots of the big, steady buildings, constructions, builders, business workers, shops, birds, vehicles, stations, signs, statues and even the Tower of London. I did enjoy doing this, I achieved a lot of outcomes from doing this. The reason for taking so many was because there was so many outcomes that could give people a feeling of having an idea of what London is like. The colours and tones depicted in each colour were very bland, there were greys, browns, whites and the only However, the difficult task was up ahead. I needed to then make a decision of which images I was going to present on paper.

I acknowledge that I only have 5 or 6 pages to do this. 12 images needed to be presented as a typology and I needed at least 4 for one page, 1 for a double page spread and perhaps, 3 or 4 for another two pages.

I took several photos of Tower bridge and they stand out pretty strong and they’re captivating, there was one especially which I was pretty proud of. I’m planning on using that as one image, that will spread across two pages to draw attention for the reader in relation to how Icon have presented their larger images on their pages for the advertisements or even for general photos they want to show. It may work, or it may not. In the draft, I will test it out and see how it’ll work out in the review on Thursday.

In my sketchbook, I began to brainstorm some more ideas and considerations for the layout of the typology page. I started of drawing a couple of ideas, I didn’t like the because they took up the whole page. I tried to think creatively by rearranging the icon sized boxes in a way that’s not usually seen done in a magazine where they’re in a grid. I tried to move them in a specific order, so I could attempt to place the body text beside the photographs.

As for layout again, I continued to think about the border around the sides of the page. I noticed that Icon has very thick borders, I changed the border size to a thinner one, so it would be about one or two centimeters in width; I also started thinking about the font they use. The font is formal, clear and clean. My assumption is that the size of it is 12 and the font style is Arial. I want to keep to this as the focus is more on the images for this project, but it would be good for me to try and at least consider these traits. There wasn’t a lot of colour used in the Icon magazines, the only colour that I can see used for the text is for the titles. The colour red can be seen quite often in the typology I had set out. I could use that particular colour for the headers/titles.



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