Screen Printing rotation

Quite a busy week this week. It was time for our change in the rotations, and this week it’s the screen printing rotation as it states in the title of this post.

We started the Monday off with learning how to properly clean the left over screens from the last group. But, before we do that, we needed to sign up for which numbered board we wanted. I chose 49 at first, however, that one didn’t seem to exist as I entered the drying room. I decided to get number 31 instead. It was extremely grubby and there were still remains of the previous stencil design on it. This definitely made my progress of cleaning the screen slower and more difficult. It to me that even if I were to rewash, rewash and rewash the board using the same method as I was shown, the stains wouldn’t of come out anyway.

The cleaning process follows as this:

  • You must always wear an apron and gloves before entering the chemicals and cleaning room. If you don’t, there’s a chance that you’ll spill chemicals, such as the stencil cleaning fluid all over your clothes, or you may splash water all down yourself.
  • You must wash over the fluid on to your silk screen, to make sure that it soaks in to the stencil to help get rid of it.
  • Once, you’ve let the liquid soak for about 5 minutes, you can move on to get it washed off.
  • Thoroughly wash the screen on both sides; make sure that you’re washing it off carefully on each section.
  • When we’re done with cleaning it, move on to the jet spray wash. Clean your board with detergent and rub the substance in with a sponge. Wash, soap, lather, repeat.
  • If we’re unsure about the stencil or stains coming out, hold the silk screen up in to the light. If there’s no sign of marks, the screen is cleaned.

Moving from that very tiring process; the board needs to be placed in the drying unit with the heater. To keep in mind for future reference– Always keep the draws closed or the board will not dry!

The cleaning task took the whole day and it really wore me out. I was going to consider, that if anyone else were to do this task in future, they should split up in to two small groups. For example, while one group cleans their boards in the wash room, the other group should go do a demonstration on how to screen print or something related to the task.

We had around 15 people, so the task of cleaning boards with all of those people in one room was pretty crazy.




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