Photography rotation part 2

Here are some of the photographs of my sketchbook work, ideas, photographs and progress made for the magazine article. I have my blog for my more longer explanations for my work, progress, workshops, tutorials etc, but I like to keep nearly all of my planning, notes, research, ideas and work in my sketchbooks. It’s simply a ‘Just in case’ kind of thing. If anything were to happen to my sketchbook, or my blog, I can always have a backup.

IMG_20151020_114240My brainstorm ideas for the photographs I was looking in to taking for that day; I wanted to focus it down to city lifestyle, which then gave me the idea to narrow it down to London city lifestyle instead. To make it a more interesting page to look at, I started to draw next to the words what they were.


IMG_20151020_113943“On that day… humanity received a grim reminder… that they live in fear of the pigeons…” Simply a reference to Shingeki no kyojin (Attack on titan); No one will get that. Just ignore it. With some of my left over images, I tried to collage them in to a new image and layer them. It’s the kind of thing you would do to fill up a messy ending to an introduction on a page. This was indeed my introduction page. Here, I explained in more detail about my project theme and started to discuss about the target audience and what kind of atmosphere feeling I would like the article to have.    IMG_20151020_114159a

At the start, I had a few ideas for the typology, so I mapped those out and put down my ideas for that. I thought about the typical ways of how a magazine would usually present typologies and how I could change that with my one by putting in text right near it, or moving some of the images in a way that the layout didn’t look so square or rectangular.


Started to do some research on magazines focusing on lifestyle and architecture. Annotated and discussed that. –>

Layout ideas page. I had more than one page for this, I had so many different ideas of how I wanted to lay the images out or the text. I figured out that thIMG_20151020_114323ere were so many ways that I could do this, but in order for me to continue, I needed to test a few of these ideas out in the little time that I had.




IMG_20151020_114344 IMG_20151020_114349 IMG_20151020_114410 IMG_20151020_114422

Continuing to develop ideas and research magazines, I practiced making some drafts of the pages and eventually, I took the final design to indesign and finished it.

Untitled-1 Untitled-22 Untitled-2 Untitled-12


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