Applications work shop

The applications workshop was very straight forward and overall, I have to say that the instructions were very easy to follow. They were clear, direct and even if I have experience with a program, such as Photoshop, I can say that I learnt a few new tricks from the tasks.
From making vector shapes to making my very own personal business card to show off to everyone, it was a very intriguing experience. There were a couple of times during the workshop where I felt it was pointless of me, having to relearn these things, for example creating a shape or change it’s size, or having to set up a new document with the settings that I want it to have in this application, but I was soon wrong.
There several things I’ve learnt were mainly shortcut keys or that I could stretch one item on both sides at the same time.

Notes from the Photoshop tutorial:

DPI= Dots per inch.

RGB= Red, green and blue.

CYMB= Cyan, Yellow, Magenta and Black.

As presented in my sketchbook, I’ve started to explain the techniques I’ve learnt; learning how to create a square, or any vector shape using the vector tool, how to resize it and then starting to create my very own business card.



Clenched fist
The clenched fist has become a well renowned symbol globally for representing support, solidarity, power and movement, but the definition for such a thing can change depending on the meaning of the gesture implied or the changes in tone and intention. The clenched fist poster at first reminded me of fist pumps and how they can signify glory/victory or even teamwork. The poster, or well, the symbol itself has given itself so many meanings to all of us.
For my poster, I wanted to create a theme of inspiration with in my subject passion of manga. Manga and anime ever since I’ve grown up has been a thriving passion and inspiration towards my life choices; many quotes or things I’ve seen in shows or have read in these comics have given me strength, hope and courage to carry on in life. Simple quotes, such as ‘Good luck’, ‘Well done’ or even things like ‘Human strength lies with in the ability to change your self!’ have influenced me.
Not only the quotes, but also the stories created are magnificent and influential towards my chosen career choices.
I really wanted to create a poster that will help use these moments, quotes or even phrases from manga scenes and I tried to collage them in to the shape of the fist to help others get influence or some guidance from these characters, as much as I have been given help.

CCI01112015_00002 CCI01112015_00005CCI01112015_00006



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