Review week – 1

Starting off the day, we all broke off in to our 3 groups. As we decided to keep to the far right hand side of the room, I decided that it would be a good idea for me to start laying out the work, I brought in to discuss for that day. I do admit it was tough having to press the pins in to the wall, just to hang up the work produced, but I figured that it would only last a short while until the pain and pressure in my thumbs would go by the time it was break time, anyway, I tried to think about how I wanted to present the work.

I was left with these four questions in my mind:

  • What was I going to discuss?
  • What was I going to present?
  • How should I lay it out, so the members of the groups would understand what I have done over the last three weeks?
  • And, with the work left over, how will that be presented?

With that, I left my sketchbook open on the desk, so if anyone wanted to look at the process, thoughts, ideas and research I’ve done alongside the projects, they can feel free to do so, and with the drafts I had on A3 and A4 pieces of paper, I placed those underneath the presented work.

IMG_20151102_105339-min  IMG_20151102_105345-min

IMG_20151102_105407-minIn a way, this appeared to me as if this was more than simply a discussion about work. It was more like an exhibition; seeing everyone’s work pinned up to the wall, though when it came to discussing the work, I was nervous.

Not only did my selective mute-ism kick in; I had gathered all of the things I wanted to say in my brain, and the words I wanted to say couldn’t leave my lips.

It wasn’t all that bad because in the end, I was able to at least, briefly state what each project was about and what I did for it, how and why I did it.

Everyone in our group worked so well with each other, when it came to making the final decision. However, it was a shame when it came to the end of the task and there were a few stragglers who hadn’t finished or haven’t presented the work yet.

It would’ve been nice, if we were to see what those people had done as well and then made a final decision on whose work we were presenting.

In the end, Monday was a nice learning experience; I did learn some things about presentation of work, how to discuss it and referring back to other people’s work, I found myself amazed at how many different outcomes you could achieve out of the fist poster project and what meanings could/have been portrayed.

When I do another review in future, I need to remember to try and put in some more input because there were on several occasions where I wanted to comment on someone else’s work, or ask a question about it, but I wasn’t quick enough to ask. This was mainly due to time limit again.


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