Upmarket tea packaging– Eastern Delights.

We were asked to take a look at the Japanese Art and Design themes and one other link to help us prepare for the discussion that were to take place later that afternoon. Breaking down the subject I researched first, which was the Japanese art and design themes. I composed these lists:


  • They convey messages in their designs.
  • Specific colours in a home could indicate a person’s beliefs
  • The Buddhist philosophy emphasized that to reach enlightenment and escape from earthly desires, one must lead a simple and frugal life.
  • Colours= Different social classes on particular occasions.


  • Used to make all over decorative pattern and far borders
  • Objects display striking varieties of patterns
  • Straight lines separated by gaps of varying width, vertical, diagonal and height.
  • Thick lines are often combined with thin ones.

Shape and balance

  • Shape is important
  • Forms based on square and rectangular are often used for Chests, screens.
  • Curved and circular shapes are thought to imply intuition and inspiration
  • Shapes convey meaning
  • Curves used on a samurai highlights strength

Pictorial narrative

  • Conceptual; more than realistic
  • Read from right to left
  • one image may illustrate a sequence of many things
  • woodblocks are made in various quantities

Moving on from that task, I was left with my final one. We were left to design packaging for an upmarket tea packaging called ‘Eastern delights’. When I saw the word ‘Eastern’ all I could think about was Japanese culture and other Asian cultures, so taking advantage of the knowledge I have recently obtained, I started to design a vase like object.

I wanted the packaging to be delicate– It could be that, if I were to make it, the packaging could be made out of thin, flexible card? and I used the pot-like shape to depict delicacy because the types of things that’ll go in there will be fragile, small treats, such as short cakes or biscuits used for tea. I also wanted it to be small enough, so it’s light to carry around.

To elaborate on this idea, I sketched it out. The Japanese often used 3 to 5 petalled shapes on their designs with a gathering of curved lines. When I think about curves on lines, they give of this form of elegance and I strongly think that this would go well with the rest of the design. Putting those ideas into consideration, I went on to discuss about the colour scheme, pinks. They have to be light pinks or perhaps, a pale pink to emphasise that whole theme of ‘delicacy’. Pale pinks are developed from the use of bold, strong colours and pigments, which do contradict the final outcome of the colour.


I wasn’t so satisfied with the end product yet; it still looked like a jar. No one will be able to know what it’s use is, if it’s just looking like that. I started to add in some more shapes, accept I started to shade in a couple of them and tried to add in markings to make them appear like biscuits and confectionery.

As for the text, that may appear on the front or wherever I want to place it, I needed to consider the theme and purpose that this item is for.

To repeat for those who’ve forgotten, I’m focusing on delicacy and Japanese design, so if it were delicate and there’s a somewhat elegant style to this object; the text may need to follow that.


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