Review introduction preview

Eventually I was able to start writing this up; I had several drafts of the introduction written in my draft posts, but I was never able to properly think over all of the end results for them, and link them in to my CCS research notes that were relative to the museum. I didn’t have a clue at first, that the history behind the museum and the facts about the great exhibition would be beneficial to this review.

Timid at first, when it came to continuing on in this piece of writing, I continued to get in to the flow of things, once I had read over and over, and over again at all of the info.

With my introduction done in the first twenty minutes, I backed up a few of my statements with references from some sources.

I found that the Victoria and Albert museum’s website was very helpful with providing information on the history, while a few other articles on other gallery websites or school education websites were able to give out just as much detail on this subject.

In all honesty though, it should have not taken me until week six to have an introduction finished. I should have had at least the first 3 paragraphs for the document complete in this time.

Despite that, I’ve learnt from this experience, that I must be able to analyse the information I have been provided (or collected) to help support my view or what I need to explain. It would’ve also been good, if I considered building up a bigger vocabulary to replace words that I’ve already used previously, to not leave the viewer of the piece of text feeling bored.




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