CCS review

Finishing up the review from the time I last spoke of it, I went to the tutorial which was arranged. Got some good feedback on it, and it turns out that I didn’t have a lot to add, which was good for me. I thought over some of the notes, I had made on the Albert memorial during the review because tutor who I saw, stated I should pretty much try to give the Queen Victoria head some more context and try to find out if it had a design story to it.

While gathering up some more information on the web, I came across this very useful blog, that gives some more detailed information on not only Queen Victoria, but some other pieces of art from the past:


Besides this source, I found that going to the V&A website was the most useful. It gave me a brief rundown of how that bust linked into the relationship the Queen had with Prince Albert, and how much they both cared for each other. Once I obtained these links, I could feel the enthusiasm to get back into writing about the Bust and what affect it had on the public, and/or the Queen and Prince. There were so many other features on that bust, that I could see, that implied other meanings to it, other than just a ‘wreath’ or a ‘robe’; they all were placed and had meanings behind why they were like that. For example, the wreath having flowers that have just blossomed, instead of the typical wreath that has already flowers on it. In my opinion, I thought the wreath purposely had just blossomed flowers because it’s trying to depict a new beginning. A new ruling; a new leader, a new relationship?

From this experience, I found it helpful and well-rewarding because I don’t feel that panicked now about getting the results back from it. In future, I must remember to use my time more efficiently and make sure that I’m up to date with tasks.


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