Review week– Part 2

There wasn’t a lot of space to present my work on the walls, but luckily, I was able to think over another way of doing this, by using the spare table space infront of me. I decided to separate the pieces of work n to the different rotations I did, so my group could understand easily what rotation came first; my drafts and the work I decided to take further in to somewhat of a final outcome for presentation.

I wasn’t too confident on explaining what my work was about, when it came to the presentation in front of the class, although, I had more confidence presenting what I wanted to show and explaining it to the members of group instead. It didn’t feel as pressured compared to showing the year group what I did.

Going from group to group and seeing what everyone else presented left me astounded and very helpful because it gives me a further look in to what they did, how they did it and why they did it; as I mentioned by ‘helpful’, what I meant was that I could think about how I can take my work further and experiment with the methods that other people had used for their pieces.

Over all, I strongly believe that I should try to explain what my work is about, how I did it and why to the class without having to feel so shy about it. Next time, I’ll do that for sure. It would’ve been good, if we got to see everyone’s work in the class because some times, it’s hard to decide what’s a good piece of work and what isn’t, or what to present as a reflection of what the group did, due to the fact, that everyone in the class did as equally well in their rotations in their own way.


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