Typography: Letter Press

Being placed in to the second group: Group B. We were given a list to find and draw all of the typographical terms that we’re given. I found this task pretty straight forward because it was simply using some common sense with some of the terms,  for instance paragraph positioning (Right, left, center and justified.). It was a very enjoyable and relaxing task to do actually because I got to draw and practice drawing down different types of fonts. I don’t often do this, but I will consider doing this again and again until I can draw each font face perfectly.


I chose to separate the tasks on to four A4 pages, so the images weren’t so cramped up on the page; in doing this, it allowed me to see each term with its image clearly, which I thought was a good thing, but as I’ve mentioned, I would like to try looking at working on adding some more detail to the type faces and practicing them. I perhaps may add some colour to the drawings to brighten the pages up a little more to make them more attractive.



Came back to the workshop Monday afternoon and began to set up the metal letters needed for my given sentence. I had to double check several times to make sure that everything was there. By the first glimpse of it, it appeared to be all good and set out for printing, but then… –It was printed backwards on the paper. It looked like a completely different language, although it was pretty interesting to see it like this. The print was perfect in terms of the amount of ink placed on to the set and yet, I made the silly mistake of getting it all set out in the opposite direction. (I need to remind myself later on to post )

To continue on from my mistake, I wanted to try it again, so I did.

I re-did the sentence in the right direction this time. Tested it. The sentence was a little smudged, nevertheless I did enjoy the quick practice with the print.  I thought about centering the sentence in the middle of the page, with the aim that it would be focused on the text. Instead of doing that, I kept it to the top, due to I wanted to cut the whole thing out and stick in my book.

I may take this little task further, but with Photoshop in future. I want to try out different colour variations and try repetitively moving the text and layering it.


Continuing on from what we were doing; we now had to do the same, but this time it’s with the wooden blocks. I wanted to fit this word task in with the theme of Japanese culture, which I’ve made reference to in previous rotations. I did this by choosing a couple of words/names in Japanese which are my favourite.

Misaki- A name often used for girls. It can be used for flower, or can mean ‘blossoming bloom’.

Yuki- Another name for a girl or boy. It means snow.

Usagi- Rabbit.

I wanted to spice up the presentation of the type faces a little, by using three different type face wood blocks and positioning them in a way where not only the words work with each other.



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