Mark Making– Part 1 (Monday 23rd November 2015)

Mark making has been my favourite rotation so far. I adore drawing, particularly life drawing. Capturing the movements of others during the day, I thought I would work on each drawing with different mediums, such as thick coloured pens, charcoal, ball point pen, pencils and sepia chalks. All in all, I used the thick pens more; I really enjoyed taking advantage of the smooth lines they create and using them to highlight specific parts on the figures which I wanted to stand out.

I always have to try to consider the time limit of how long I need to spend on each drawing, for example; on the first task, where we all went to the hallway to record people’s moving poses, I spent 5 to 10 seconds on getting the figure down. I found it very hard at first to capture the first couple of movements because they were so fast going back and forth. I wanted to try and capture each side that I could see of the body, while it was moving. It would’ve been nice to have got down the whole body on to the paper, but this didn’t happen.

Selecting only a few of the sketches from my A3 sketchbook, I chose the ones which I thought were effective towards the skills I’ve learnt in that first session. They were also the ones which I found were my stronger ones as well because they depict the movement and the body forms I saw.

After finishing, I thought it would of been nice if I were to come back to these in future and perhaps either try these methods:

  • Applying some more pen colours to them.
  • Working in another medium, such as charcoal, coloured inks and water colours to help give more depth to them.
  • Maybe turning these into screen prints?
  • I could take these further by merging them together on one page, or try layering each image?

Breaking off in to pairs

Next task– Pretty much the same thing, but this time, we must work in pairs and direct our partner. I found this task to be okay, due to that I had difficulty trying to think of some cool poses to put them in. As for my pose, I was placed in to something that reminded me of a salute.

The salute is often seen as a symbol of respect, honor and can easily be connected to soldiers, sailors and people with authority. I wanted to sketch the very vivid image of this in to my brain before scrawling it down in to my book. It was a great opportunity to develop this quick 15 minute exercise.

I don’t often draw in this style of drawing, but I wanted to try it out. I developed from the quick doodles my pose, then transitioned it in to the soldier posing with a salute. I could take this further in future, if I look for soldiers or even the Queen’s guards striking a salute from photographs and try to study those, to see the arm and hand positioning, since I often struggle trying to get those drawn correctly.

Getting in to groups to draw poses

Another very interesting and fun task. Each member of our group of six had to be directed in to a pose and be drawn. Actually, it’s pretty much the same as what we were working on in the morning and what I meant by interesting and fun was that we get to develop the idea of drawing life figures, but in a different perspective and with a couple of more people doing very silly and random things. I find it very amusing, though I don’t tend to express that.

So, again from my sketchbook I wanted to only post up the ones that I felt were the stronger outcomes. The two below, these were developments; I decided to quickly get down one figure pose, but since I didn’t like that outcome or the positioning of it, I decided to move around to somewhere else to draw it down. This result left me to the one next to it, I later took it further by giving a highlight of where the curves or edges on some of the clothing was to give more focus to the figures form. Over all, I loved these two pieces the most out of all of my drawings; it was one of my more confident outcomes and it didn’t take long to do.  It turns out, that if you don’t spend so long being so focused on little details and if you work on the ones that really matter, then you get some great outcomes.

(There will be more to come on Sunday morning and afternoon. Look out for it then!)

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