CSS — Post modernism and modernism

Mini-block 2.

Modernism and post modernism.

  • write an essay between 1500 to 1800 words
  • the story of an object you have selected from a London museum– 1945-1985


Modernism and building the new utopia

  • promoting the ‘new’
  • proclaimed the unity and internationalism of the arts
  • new architecture, new photography and typography
  • reflect new social and economic relations as well as technology
  • commitment to social reform
  • tackling economic inequality-central agenda
  • dwelling exhibition– layout exhibition of modernist architecture and design of its time

Post modernism

  • movement- bewilderment
  • architectural movement
  • retrieval ism
  • past-late 20th century movement
  • movement in the arts, architecture and criticism that was a departure from modernism.
  • interpretations of culture, literature, art, philosophy, history, economics, architecture, fiction and literary criticism.

Questions to ask myself:

How is social class involved?

who owned the item? rich? poor?

what are the viewing patters or user patterns?

how is the item placed in the museum? where is it placed?

consider museum context:

Is it the focus of the room display? compare this with contemporary and modern.

is it the same style as the other pieces?

Is it a piece of furniture or a piece of technology?

what other electrical items are there in the room?

what does this tell us?


We’ve all been given 5 writing styles in which we can present our essay in; we have to pick one of:

  1. Wikipedia entry essay
  2. essay for web journal
  3. essay for exhibition catalogue
  4. essay for exhibition pamphlet
  5. 2 blog posts

I’m planning on looking in to the two blog posts, since this is something I feel very comfortable with doing, but it may be a good opportunity, if I consider stepping out of the comfort zone and go with something like a Web journal or an exhibition pamphlet.

First, I need to familiarize myself with the chosen style of writing once I’ve looked in to it and I need to include:

  • Quotations
  • images with captions
  • Bibliography
  • Keywords

Images are always considered as a very helpful resource because not only will they help you with discussing your subject, but they are used as a visual evidence/record for the person reading your essay. I want to try and take several different images of the same object from different perspectives– this could be one close up of the image; one of the object in the space and one of the room it’s in.

Other things to think about for the essay:

  1. Will I be able to speak about the obkect?
  2. is the object post modern or modern? and why?
  3. The story of the object (Give the object context)




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