I said I would do it and so I have–

–I took one of these projects further at least…  Taking these into Photoshop and editing them was like a treat. By playing around with the layer settings on the second layer which one of the images were on, I took advantage. I took advantage of the many options I had to chose from, and what they could turn in to. Not only did I chose to tamper with those settings, image adjustments and decided to turn one of the layers inverted. I did this on a few of my outcomes to make sure that the lines were not too blended in with the dark, bold shades of the background.

Now, that I have layered the two images together on a few of these, I can start to see more depth to the buildings. They almost look like a few of them could pop out from the page at any instant.

Though, I have tested these methods, I don’t feel totally satisfied with these, but these were the only four I felt a little bit happy about. The thing that bothers me is the composition of the buildings and that they could have a little bit more details added to them, such as the windows or working in

more of the architectural patterns that are depicted on the building.

<– This one, that stood out for me. There are so many different traits about this experimentation that I enjoy, such as the washed out-look that the ink has around the sides.

I may want to consider re-doing the whole project in later on, or trying to see how I can make the buildings more see-able in the image.


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