Maidstone Museum critique

Maidstone Art and History museum
I took a visit to the History and Art museum located in Maidstone. There was currently an Egyptian exhibition going on, but I was not able to visit it because it was pretty expensive. Although, on the other hand whilst I was there I took an interest to the other Art work such as the Dinosaur History (this had some large scale models of Dinosaurs and the left over bones), the Renaissance Paintings, Designs of dresses and the fashion of the 1930’s to around the late 1960’s era, English war time history and the Animal area (this is where they had a lot of different animal species, like foxes, Birds, rodents etc.).
The feeling of seeing the models or just examining them were rather nostalgic because it reminded me of the time I lived in countryside and use on long walks through the forests and see a lot of different species there. It was also very inspiring to see such large pieces of art work that I’ve only seen on the internet or in magazines and newspapers.
asThe English war time exhibitions contained old medals, flags, armour, suits and all of the things they had to carry around during the war. It was really interesting to look at and examine an interest I had taken in on previously. I really loved this part of the exhibition the most, even though I enjoyed seeing large-scale models of dinosaurs that made a continuous roaring sound that echoed throughout the room. Recently before going to the exhibition, I had taken an interest in World History due to a anime I watch called “Hetalia”. I couldn’t help, but go to that section of the Art and History museum first; the suits that stood there behind the glasses were in pretty good condition and looked like they’d only been worn a few times. The suits seemed like they were made out of a strong, thick material to last a very long time so I suppose this is why they were in good condition.


Moving on to the animals history and art exhibition, they had some amazing stuffed Birds, like Eagles and smaller birds, blue-jays, robins and the other animals that could be seen there. Out of all of the animals, the most fascinating one that had caught my eye was fox. I had never seen a fox that had been stuffed and was at the same size as that one before, it also made me ponder if those animals were real or not because they were so realistic in their features.
The Museum/Gallery’s website also displayed some information and images of what was there at the exhibition/museum, but the information given was really brief. It didn’t explain what could be seen there or what they were about, which was disappointing to me. Although, the images could give me a little of an idea of what could have been there, such as the statues and the war part of the museum.


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