Mark making– Part 2 (Monday 23rd November 2015)

Continuing on from where I left my discussion about this rotation on my previous post from last night, I want to now explain what was created and done during that Monday for the afternoon.

We got in to our groups and had to draw out some ideas for masks (which will be created, worn and be used for scenes)– Yes, we’ll be using the masks to act out our very own drama scenes!

I did some little thumbnail drawings of my ideas, but sadly, none of them were chosen, but instead, there were some more amazing examples from the other members which were chosen– The Gladiator and Death.

I thought about several different scenarios. The cat and a dog fight, the story about St. George and the Dragon.

Apologies. I wasn’t able to catch a photo of the Gladiator mask, however, I shall try and take one when I get back to the studio on Monday and post it up. Straightforward task, but this was a great task because you could request them to act out anything, then draw it from all sorts of perspectives. Once again, I chose a few of my favourites from my sketchbook.


I had more confidence drawing these two; I strongly believe, that these were my stronger outcomes, as well. You can clearly make out what the pose could be, you can even connect them to a fight scene or even an argument between the two characters. This is show mostly in the arm movement; how close the two figures are to each other and the positioning of the legs. Actually, while typing about this particular image on the left-hand side, I had a inkling that I may want to take this further by repeating my past method of adding shadows and shades to give it more depth. I may do this with inks instead of the thick pens which I constantly use through out this project.




To end the lesson, we now had to make a poster or a final drawing by taking three of our favourite images and drawing them again. I was given some helpful advice of considering where I position my images and which images I could consider placing on the large sheet of paper; so using the same mediums, which was the pens, I drew out as you can see, the three chosen images. I was pretty pleased with my final outcome, but it feels like there could be so much more done with it. I could create so many prints from it, or take the image in to photoshop, or even try to layer many various mediums over the top of it in reference to what we had learnt that day.

To be honest, I am very tempted to re-draw the whole thing, but with a different drawing style, but I know for sure, that if I did that; the image would lose it’s interesting and fresh form/look. It would be nice if I could try and make an attempt at taking this project to a new level. I wanted to try out my charcoals and sepia chalks a little more in life drawing, so I could try this.







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