Mark Making- Part 3 (Thursday 26th November)

Such a slow morning on Thursday, I came in a bit later than my usual time.
I apologise for that; I wanted to collect the block printing ink from Alantis first that morning, I got lost on my way back, so I had to use the train to get back. I was an hour late, but luckily,thanks to Sunny, I was able to find out what I needed to do for that morning.

Choosing a skyline to draw, I found this one very complexed, but intriguing.  There’s so many different possibilities and outcomes I could achieve from drawing this. I could focus on drawing out the whole picture in detail, I could focus on several of the buildings in the back, or the front. I was pretty lucky to be able to see the right view from where I was sitting, so I didn’t have to move much.

On the right, this was my first and very quick draft for the composition for the skyline. Indeed, I felt disappointed for it not turning out the way I imagined it to be, but this didn’t disappoint me for too long. I took it further by redrawing the skyline again with different methods.

As someone who has had past experience with mark making, I wanted to use my newly purchased inks to make some prints… MONOPRINTS! I absolutely ADORE monoprinting. It was something I use to do quite often in secondary and at the UCA because it’s a fast process, and you can obtain amazing results.

We had to use 4 or 5 different methods of mark making; I did try out the carton method, which I was very annoyed about. The result obtained from this was poor, but on the other hand,  this was a great chance to find out what method and mediums work together or which one was more effective.


Above are a few of the outcomes done from using monoprint, normal printing by using the masking tape(This method was okay for me, but I could of doubled up on the tape to help; this would’ve helped the details for the lines stand out on the paper.)

From looking back at the images I have, it appears to me that the monoprint, which can be seen in the left hand corner was the bolder and more interesting. You can see the portrait of the skyline clearly; the fuzziness of the smudged ink/paint remind me of clouds, they also keep the picture from looking to busy, but they try to set a focus point for the buildings. I wish I could take this further, so I shall in future. I may take this in to Photoshop and start thinking about overlaying a few of these together and see where they go from there.

In future, I may experiment a bit more with the bleaching technique because that one was lacking with practice.


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