Visit to the Somerset house museum– Tintin Exhibition

I went there for Tintin and other displays, but mainly because of Tintin. Seeing the comic right in front of you, it takes your breath away. The lines, the captions and to find out how the author came up with the idea for it is such a wonderful experience.  Not only did it give you a broader idea on the history behind TINTIN; it allows you to know about the creator and about his life.

In total for this particular exhibition, there’s around 3 to 5 rooms that display scans, images and other art work related to this famous icon. There were several pages displayed as an A3 page behind a glass frame on the walls, they gave a description of what was with in it and the mediums artist Herge had used to draw.

Each panel gives off a strong example of how well the artist has published the movement/action or a character. I especially like how he boldly depicts the change in emotion on a characters face from one panel to another.

Another aspect I was keenly fond of was the wall displays that involved Tintin and his dog. They are just so effective towards the exhibitions display. They create such character.

Above is another example of how funny, but interesting the room links  were. These little pieces were in front of the fireplace area in each room, except each room had a different image.

The details of each object were given in brief, but looking at what there was on display, I suppose they had to make it very brief and not in a lot of detail, due to there was a lot of art work on display in each room. When it came to how the museum presented information about the artist and how he started off, there was a lot more info and they even provided quotes of what the artist had said, when he was asked about his characters or about the story.
I found this to be particularly useful, if I were to chose one of the objects on display as an object to do my essay on, but it wouldn’t of allowed me to discuss it in detail. I would’ve of liked it if, they did provide some more information or had put up some on their website.


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