I would like to introduce you all to…

…The amazing Rick and Morty TV  series! Yes, I am a HUGE fan of this cartoon, but this was only until about a year or so ago. I wanted to talk about the animation. It’s quite a quirky catch, it’s very colourful and bold; there would often be moments where I’m left in disgust at the beginning from something a character has done and soon the disgust has faded because it’s finished off with something so vividly hilarious, that it’s been used as a distraction to divert my attention away from what was so immoral to me.

To steer back to the subject of animation, I remembered seeing this looped music video within one of the episodes and it reminded me of the looped metamorphosis animation project I had just finished doing. Besides the various range of colours and quirkiness the cartoon drawing style has used; I really admire the animators were able to smoothly guide each object to sync in to another thing and still keep it’s oddness? It’s hard to describe. The animation starts at 00:11.

After watching this several times, I’m tempted to work on the bird story board that I wanted to do originally for an animation, but I want to animate it by using drawn out cells. I may start to play around with ideas over the holiday, but may consider creating a gif as a test then see how it goes. I have to consider the time length, how long will the animation be? how much time will I have to put effort in to creating this task? what style will it be in? Will I use a similar drawing style to the one that gave me the influence?

Looks to me that I have another personal project on my hands for the Holiday. Also, this series is pretty much a parody of Back to the future, with a hint of Futurama to it. I highly suggest it to anyone who loves Sci-fi or/and comedy.




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