Update 1: Mark Making

Hey everyone. It’s taken me while to get this blog updated, but I shall be honest with every single one of you. Once you’re given something like a video game, or several really good manga volumes for a series you’ve been following for a while, you get distracted. I also had no electricity in my home for a while; that was pretty fun, but any case, I’ve got some updates: I wanted to continue my mark making and thought I would make the main focus for my mark making to be distortion– I had considered trying this out with ink and dabbing a wet paint brush over in specific points to create this contorted impression.  Attempting to follow on this method, I decided that I would draw out some tests of the same skyline view I focused on during that rotation; I also used this task as an excuse to make some small books out of an A1 sheet of paper. It successfully worked (The book that is), but I ended up clumsily tearing some of the corners. This, of course was an accident… However, it’ll do for now to test out these methods.

To the left, I started to draw the buildings out, I wanted to make the drawing detailed and try to make them appear realistic. I didn’t like the outcome I had so far, so I gave up ever finishing it off.

The realistic approach isn’t what I’m use to doing, so I thought about continuing this, but using a different medium and try not to care so much about what the end finish may turn out like.


To the right, is the continued practice test of the buildings. NOW, this is exactly what I was looking for. I wanted to obtain a transcription that would reflect

on what I’m seeing and yet, wouldn’t contain all of the details.I’m quite pleased with the scrawled in, scribbled lines that didn’t take much effort to do. It’s as if, it’s been recklessly done with not a lot of thought put in to it. I had to consider the positioning and composition of where everything was in order for the image to come together.  If I hadn’t, it wouldn’t of turned out the way it did.

Taking this process forward, I recalled another method that made the image stand out in my previous drawings for our project with life drawing– the blocking out of shades to give the object in the picture more focus.

Instead of using blocked colour, I followed along with what I did with the shading on the side of the buildings with a blue marker.

I believe that even though this was a pretty good technique, it wasn’t a good turn out with the blue merging in to the black lines that were used to define the building…

… Trying the same as last time, I avoided blocking out the outsides and used the water to gently wash over some of the lines in the drawing. As much as I enjoyed doing these, I was a little upset with the final outcomes I’ve got here. I have a inkling, that this may have to be taken further, but with maybe a different medium? or perhaps, I could consider taking this into Photoshop? I’ll give one positive comment towards this final image; I’m quite pleased with the method I tried out and that it works with the types of pens I used on it.

Also, not to leave anything else out, I tried similar methods with my life drawings.



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