Visual ideas

Following a brief I was given, I was able to answer five of the questions given:

  1. How do ideas become visual? Through thought and seeing it. Ideas can always come to our mind through thought and visuals. Others can give communicated ideas as well.

Using my pen and pencil, I marked out a draft. We can see visually with our eyes and the ideas form in our minds. I thought I would try and play around with this idea in a similar way to how I did with the fanzine.

2. How do they communicate with us? Through media, publication and other ways of communication based art- Newspapers, posters, art pieces and TVs etc.

3. What do we take for granted? Everything. We also take TOO MUCH for granted.

4. Who can make design? Everyone and anyone who wants to make a design.

5. How do emotions take shape? Gradually.


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