Visual ideas update #1

I took it up on myself to update one of my previous answers that I illustrated by hand by then taking it in to an art tool software called ‘Sai paint tool’. I don’t always get a chance to play around in this program often, due to lack of spare time, but it always comes in handy for me when I want to draw or/and colour some things digitally. It’s variety of settings, textures and brushes allow you to do practically anything you want with it and it’s easy to use.

By taking this forward, I considered using colour to help the image express more emotion, than just simple facial features and text. Colours can often be used to influence emotion, or depict them, for example, red can resemble anger, love, strength and power. Van Gough is another great example of an artist who uses colour to bring out specific emotions or expressions by the use of his colour pallet.

I played around with some more thicker brush settings with a medium-flat brush and sprawled over a few colours. In my honest opinion, this experimentation has seemed to work the way I wanted it to.



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