Drawing week– If buildings could talk.

First week back and we’re now set with our final week of rotations, and this week just happens to be drawing week. Drawing week you say? Yes, I had discussed this previously with in the mark making week, but it’s completely different this time. For the first task given, we were all asked to go off and search for places with in the building to document. It sounds like a simple task at first, but it wasn’t. I thought this at first and yet, I took a while trying to figure out where to start. The building is HUGE and there are various places, where I haven’t been before, so I thought about going right to the top of the building first: The roof.

I don’t often see many go up there which left me pondering, what was up there? more rooms? doors?

There were some things I had to once again think about–

  • Time management
  • How am I going to document the place?
  • Presentation?
  • What mediums will I use, if I’m documenting this by hand?

As I made my way there, I felt a chill. It wasn’t cold or anything up there, but the atmosphere was nerve wrecking. It seemed as there was someone else there, but I couldn’t see anyone there. There could’ve of been a ‘presence’, but that was the least of my worry at the time, though I could capture that feeling in my drawings.  I decided I would take a couple of snaps and then work on the drawings on paper in the class room instead; after that was done, I used some thick, coloured chalks to capture some of the colour schemes that were on the walls.

It’s quite a useful place on that particular floor, due to the different things you could scrawl down, such as the odd angles on the stair case, or the paint and plaster that’s peeling off of the wall.

Once I was done, I went to each floor and took more photos, but they didn’t match up to how great this place was. Going back to the classroom, that was when I recalled the empty room inside our classroom, that rarely anyone would go in to. I understood why once I went in there.

It had a very eerie feeling inside; it was freezing. Taking another photo of the room, but this time in different angles, I exited.








It would’ve been such a nice idea to go back in that room, though, I didn’t want to go back in there again until I had to get on to the final task.

What stood out to me during this experience was the emotion of feeling nervous, scared and aware of what was around me. Using chalks, I tried to grasp this by roughly testing out the different patters or marks found. It was pretty tricky at first, but I began to get a hang of it.

Inputting the right marks or at least trying to get down those markings was a pain. I could’ve done better, if I was observing the space more and made my marks on the paper while looking at the surface.

Next task was to use 5 different mark making ways to draw five different places.

Observing what I’ve done so far, I strongly believe that the top image was the stronger piece. The use of ink can be used to communicate the amount of space in the room; it could also indicate the blankness and strange, cold feeling you get once you enter it. It would’ve been good, if I could of tried doing the same thing as I did here, but reverse the black to where the white is.

But heading on, I continued the project by creating a poster to reflect on what the room may say if it’s given a chance.

Blankness… emptiness… white space… hardly anyone enters it…

I thought about focusing on this idea of emptiness and that, the fact that nobody goes there.

I began to draft out the composition of the room with masking tape, this was in preparation for the ink, since the ink was so effective the last time, I decided to take it further.





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