Illustration and drawing books of interest

While researching roughly 3 or 4 weeks ago, I found some very interesting finds in the library.

Some may laugh at me for stating this, but Quentin Blake is one of my most favourite illustrators. His use of bright, vibrant colours to his illustrations to bring out a character or create mood has always been a trait I have admired.

This book starts off giving some examples of his typical illustrations that appear in many children’s books, but later on in the book, it begins to show what other kinds of illustrations he does. Many of them are very abstract and/or figurative. They almost come off as if they have been done by a completely different artist.

As of I, I completely have to agree with The Sunday Times magazine. It’s a brilliant book for references. When I was having some trouble with composition and perspective, I found the book and learned a few things from it. The book gives you little tips and strategies to help improve your drawing skills.


I know for a fact I have trouble sometimes with my sketchbook layouts, or planning something out and this book gave me a few ideas on how I can use these sketchbooks of comic artists as influence towards mine.



Similar to the previous book, but this time it’s with animators books.


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