Drawing week-Part two- Circle line

In the one day, it was spent observing situations in people’s behaviour and manner on the Circle line in the Underground. While collecting this data,  I used a pen and my notebook to capture gestures made by those who sat in a particular seat, for example near the window or by the door.

I had to do this very quickly, but discreetly as well; this made the task pretty difficult, as there were several people who had caught on to what I was doing and I had to pretend that I was taking notes, or was looking at the maps above the person whom I was originally looking at.

The project itself was focusing more on collecting visual data and aiming to record postures, interactions and expressions.

There was something tense about this task; the feeling of having to get down everything that you see on a stranger’s appearance, while also pretending that you’re not doing anything suspicious. It wasn’t specifically suspicious in the first place, but to another person who doesn’t even know who you are, and yet, you’re doing that to them… it’s a little strange. I think that if I had blatantly sat in the opposite seat and faced someone on the tube; looking directly at them and drawing it down, and they happened to see me do that, they would probably get up and move? or call the police… ? anyway, what I was getting at is, if I had caught that sort of expression from them, it would of provided  a form of movement and it would of been beneficial towards the task.

That look of curiosity then to fear, or maybe anger? To be honest, I was a little disappointed with some of my outcomes. The majority of the passengers had their heads down and were looking at their phones. I could barely grasp any emotion of how they felt.

It would’ve been better, if I had spent more of my time working on the expressions more or even observing the details or focusing on the shapes of their faces. I could of used different materials or drawing methods to reflect on my mark making rotation, so if I do this in future, such as on a moving vehicle like a bus or if I go to Wetherspoons on a Wednesday, like I usually do with my friends, then I can work on getting down some more drawings then.

The drawings I have so far though; I’m actually quite happy I got so many marks down, but as I have said, it would of been better if I did spend a little bit more time observing.



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