Zine project update

After building up my idea and drafting out sketches for my zine project, I have come to one outcome for my front and back page, and my inside page. Previously, I started to discuss my ideas and the suggestions I had been given from Sara about making the lines or the objects appear to look hand drawn in pencil. I did a little research and tested my first idea.

I wasn’t too pleased with it in the end. I spent an hour working on it; I thought it looked pretty cool at first, but you know, when you finish something you have spent a while on; it looks good, you go away for a while and come back, then it looks completely the opposite to how impressive you thought it was the first time? I had exactly that.


The lines weren’t to how I wanted it to be. The outcome most likely came out like this because of my scanner; it’s not a very good one and occasionally it has a mind of its own.

In spite of this happening, it could be possible that this outcome ended up like this due to it being drawn out smaller.

I tried again by drawing the image out, but this time, I made it bigger on the page and instead of scanning it, I took a photograph.


It’s so much better in my opinion. It reflects on the progress I’ve made in my sketchbook and in the plans, I kept the shadows that were captured too.


As the second test was successful, I followed the same method as that again, but with the front and back page. I wanted to keep to the idea of pencil lines and making the pages with the scribbles and hand drawn marks.  It would’ve been better if my camera was able to capture at a higher quality; the lighting in the room was a lot brighter and if I avoided casting a shadow over the paper.

I may consider scanning this in again, but with a different scanner next time to see how it comes out. I would like to continue this in future, just to see what else I could do with the subject of zines and my chosen focus of ‘It’s never the end of the world’.


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