Artistic process for this term

It’s always great to see such an old show portray an artistic process, or a pattern of thought and experimentation in a different way.
I always saw to my progress as not an Illustrator, but as an artist or even for anything I’ve ever thought about, planned and tested it as a way of allowing me to move forward.
The clip I saw’s below. Malcolm in the middle; season 3, episode 9. It’s not the first time that I’ve seen Walter White Hal get so in to his artistic flow.

As I saw this, I could totally understand that ‘artistic process’ of firstly, starting off with an idea in your head; seeing a thing that you could use to make it better, testing it and then developing the thing you want to do further. Hal was suppose to fix a lightbulb, so he went to look for one; he then figured out he couldn’t find one; then he found another problem, so he tried to fix it and eventually got drawn away on to something that caught his attention. I tend to have this more when I’m coding layouts for my other blog on blogspot, or even cosplay costumes for the London anime and gaming con at The Rocket, that I go to twice a year. I get an idea, I plan and plan, research and test it… –End result or somewhat of an end result.

Anywho, I wanted to evaluate myself and the progress of work done on this blog for this term. I look back on it and for some strange reason, I thought I had done a lot more. I’m pleased that I was able to keep focus with the projects, while there were things going on around me. I do regret not being able to get another animation created, that would’ve been based on my first story board. However, I can continue this in future, if I ever get some spare time at home to work on it.


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