A one day rush…

“Ladies, do your daily dundrums have you in a twist?
“Gentlemen! Are you torn between work and family life?
Kiddies, do you have a best friend whose a bully that you JUST want to beat up?!?!
I can solve your problem in a jiffy. Fast, affordable and reliable, delivery god Yato!”

London anime and gaming con is only a week or so away, so I thought I would talk about a little event that I’ve been going to for the last 4 years. I spent this weekend, well, mainly Saturday planning my costume and getting it made. As much as I despise rushing my costume, I figured out that by the time today (Monday) would come, I’m going to be so busy and will end up rushing the job anyway by the time next Friday comes.

Selecting a character that YOU know and love out of the many characters you’ve come across in the many years is not an easy decision. As always, there’s many design decisions you need to make in order to pull off the character. I’ll give you an example: The character that I chose. I chose to cosplay as Yato from Noragami for the event (Only on the Saturday, as I haven’t paid for Sunday). Not only do I have to dress myself up, throw a wig on and dash a bit of eye shadow to help contour those more narrow details in, but I feel that because I’ve got quite a small gathering of fans online now, that I have to act like the character as well.


I did some research over the weekend, as well. I rewatched the first 8 episodes of the series from the first season and reread three volumes, and I’ve worked out that this is going to take a lot more work than I thought it was. I suppose, as I’m pretty different outside of Uni, I may be able to turn the tables and pull it off? although, it’s going to take a lot more revision on his personality as Yato can be a little too enthusiastic sometimes.  It makes me wonder how the great Kamiya Hiroshi was able to voice him so well, too…

DSCF3811 DSCF3812







As I’m not finished yet, DSCF3813I’m amazed at how I was able to get the main concept together in one day. I dyed it, dried it, made measurements of the arms and cut the material out and sewed it. I also got his sword finished with in an hour, while I was waiting for the jearsey to dry.  I had to consider whether or not, if I put the crown logo in the right place or not; it was such a pain. Looking at it now, it makes me recall how I had to be really specific on what dye I used; what material i’m going to use to create the jacket,  should I stick to his character design in the anime or do I choose the one used in the manga? I’m a little disappointed at the time limit that I’ve given myself yet again, it seems to be becoming a habit. Another reason for bringing up this event, is because it’s something I’ve always felt very happy going to, and I get to meet and endulge in my hobby of cosplaying with others without having to feel like an outcast.

Talking about this particular costume and character takes me back to the Fist poster I created because I had used quite a few of Yato’s quotes, due to they have both moved and guided me in making the right decisions and not the wrong ones, anyway, the event also takes place at The Rocket in Holloway; there’s games, quizes, clips for future series/titles and games, food, drink, merchandise and lastly, live performances. I’ll talk about the event when a little more after it happens, and I’ll discuss how it went as well.



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