You’re a mean one, Mr Punch…

Continuing on from my last discussion about the puppet, I found out some more information about how Punch first came around. So, to keep a note on it; I’ll post it here so  you all can check out my notes from it :

  • Punch was born from the inspiration of a live theater clown/actor from the Naples. The actor was called ‘Punchillo’.
  • They came to Covent garden 1662 for Charles 2’s wedding(?).
  • Samuel Pepys noted it down in his diary that that was the earlier reference of seeing punch,which was also in Covent garden
  • Punch’s personality, act, look and clothes was based on the actor/marionette.
  • After the second world war, free punch and judy shows were given at weekends in the parks of the east end of London.
  • children living in poverty were sometimes taken to the zoo or the beach on a day out, and a punch and Judy show would inevitable be included.

To be quite frank,  this information was useful to my studies, it confused me a little, and yet, the confusion was to be expected as I found myself to be skimming over the information in most of the books found. In spite of that, I have learnt quite a lot about Punch and how he’s created a tradition that could be considered as both ‘Modern’ and ‘Post modern’, but at the same time, I would of never thought that people would get so fussy over a puppet throwing his own wooden baby out of a window for their own entertainment.

Also, apologies for those who have been waiting for an update to this particular subject; I’ve practically buried myself in my notes and research in order for me to find somewhat of a link between the object and it’s history.



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