Artist/Designer of the week: Russell Weekes

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It’s been a tough decision for this week’s artist/designer of the week, as I’ve looked at so many this week and since, I gave a bit of a brief talk about why I found this one to be particularly intriguing to me, I thought I might as well go all the way and discuss why I’ve chosen him for this week.

While the majority of his illustrations are in black and white, there’s a lot more to his creations that caught my eye.  It took me a while to figure out some of these clever approaches to these illustrations, but I finally understood it by observing it a bit more. You kind of need to have an open mind to understand the images.

For example, the one to the left; it may simply look like an odd looking character reading a book, or a magazine? but looking closer, it’s actually a ‘&’ and I had to divert my attention to the image again ‘Mother & child’. I estsablished that this was pretty clever, but as I moved on to examine some other drawings were just as amusing and ingenious as this one.


The figs was another one I mentioned yesterday; there’s a nice and subtle play on words with the word ‘fig’ which can be taken literally, as a ‘Fig’ (a name of a fruit), or ‘fig’ which is an abbrieviation of figure. As I continued to look in to this illustrator a bit more, I started to consider probably using a technique similar to this in my current Poster project. There’s one song that’s called ‘Year 3000’ and indeed, I have had plenty of ideas on how to express my feelings for this song, but I thought if I were to include text for this, I would consider using the number ‘3000’ repetitively, however, in a different context.

It could be three thousand 0’s printed on to the paper, or mabye shortening it down OR even having it in roman numerals?

To refer back to the Illustrator and whether, or not he may be a designer or an artist,  from what I’ve seen so far, he may fit in to the category of an ‘artist’, but then again, it depends on what he illustrates because he has an array of so many different styles and subjects, it could either be for design or art.



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