The soundtrack of our lives- Part 1/?

A new start and a new project, or not so new project? We’ve been briefed with a new project about music, but the main objective is that we’ll be creating three posters that will either reflect our feelings for a song or association for it. So, to clarify, each poster will be based on one song and that poster will need to depict our feelings or association for it.

At first my mind was going wild, there’s so many songs in other languages that I enjoy listening to on a daily basis and I can only pick three! This is definetly a task that’s going to be tricky, and yet, when reading the brief given at first, it appeared to be easy. Chosing a song out of hundreds upon hundreds of songs is not a simple thing. I have to bear in mind, that this had to be a song that I can have true, strong feelings for and can instantly pop out and place idea, upon idea on to a sheet of A2. After the decision has been made, I need to communicate it by using different mediums or techniques on three sheets of A2 paper (One for each song).

When thinking about feelings, the first thing that comes to my mind is shape, colours and textures. The feel and look of them, they can take shape and form something that will soon become imagery. This is something I have to consider, as it was mentioned in the brief given as well.

  • What songs are they?
  • How can I relate to these feelings?
  • Communicate ideas and concepts
  • What creates or depicts mood?
  • Do they create shapes and/or colour?
  • Imagery? Photographic? illustrated?
  • Are there words?
  • What do the words look like?

Not only do I have to consider these things, but I need to make sure that all three posters are insync with eachother and that they create a flow. I need to also note down what techniques I’ll use to create these posters. I’m thinking of doing these ones as screenprints and maybe linographing as well.


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