The soundtrack of our lives- Part 2/? –Looking visually.

To help get a firmer grasp of what techniques and of ways we can express our feelings and associations, I started looking in to the suggested artists/designers given. There were a lot of them, and trying to cram all of this information about them in to my brain was a struggle.

Saul Bass, though he was the first name given on the list, I decided to go and look him up to start off. Reasearching about him brings me back memories of when I looked in to his title sequences for a project at the last University that I went to; his work has always interested me. It’s bold, figurative and can easily be recognised. Then again, not many people can link his name with the title sequences used in films, or can confidently state that a film’s opening has been inspired by his designs.

The way that he’s able to pull the audience in with his use of visuals is incredible, he’s also inspired sequences for films, such as Catch me if you can.

I would like to write about each artist in detail and what I’ve njoyed about their work, nonetheless I’ve got more notes and my input about them in my sketchbook.

However, I would like to say that I’ve very much enjoyed looking deeper in to how an artist has produced a specific piece of work, or why they’ve done it. It allows me to try and do something similar, or at least try to produce something that will show what I’ve learnt from the study.


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