Zines. Zines. Zines.

Returning to this project again, the class broke up in to groups of 12.. or well, our group had about 10 or 11… actually, I’m not too sure on that. I’m not getting too in to that, or why it was like that…

The Zine project, I would have to say has been one of the most relaxing and exciting rotations so far, besides the Poster and Mark making project. It was engaging, challenging and I have picked up so many techniques from it. It’s taught me that I need to think more about a certain issue or subject, in order to depict it in one image or a line of text. I also have an inkling that I may want to come back to creating zines again in future, as we’re now on another new project to do with Music, I had so many ideas for songs that I wanted to work on, but I only had three to choose from.

As for the group task, it was to get our filler pages together in order to create one big Zine. It was quite a difficult trying to get everyone together, so we could discuss it. I need to come clean about this, it has been bothering me as I brood about it, but I think if we co-ordinated a little more as a group, discussed it and made a better plan, it wouldn’t take so long to get such a simple thing completed. I told myself that in my head repeatedly. On the other hand, the task wasn’t so simple as it seemed, as everyone’s zine page was very unique in their own way, there were some in colour, some in black and white, photographic and even hand drawn. They had to slot in together, otherwise it wouldn’t make such a successful zine.

We laid out our pages on the table; carefully we began to move each page around in an order to see if it would fit. Took a while, but we got there. Eventually. It would’ve been nice to see the final thing all together though. That was the only disappointment.

Over all,  it’s so nice to have a group task again, it’s been a while since we had one and I wouldn’t of mind re-doing the zine page again in future, or possibly continuing it or even linking it in to our current poster project.


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