The soundtrack of my life- 3/?

This is late, I know, but as an update, I’ll update you fully on my plans for this project in this post and in the next couple of posts to come. I’ve made the decision of focusing each poster on my feelings for the song as a consequence of that I have far too many associations for the songs chosen (Year 3000, Mr Blue sky and Love Roller coaster) ; I have a strong feeling that if I were to use associations, it would make the idea(s) for the poster(s) far too busy in appearance. Although, I have considered it with in my plans.

Moving on to the plans, I made two brainstorms in my sketchbook to start off, I decided to go a bit further than coming up with ten things and instead, came up with as many ideas until it filled up the whole page. I had to consider the details, such as what shapes come to mind when I play the song? what colours? when I thought about it this way, it allowed me to sort my ideas out and even come up with more of them. In the end  of doing the first brainstorm, I figured out that the information that I placed down was pretty cluttered; to tidy this up, I made a second brain storm to separate the main ideas that I wanted to focus on, or/and would help me with my main focus of the emotions for the songs. It’s quite a handy start, in my opinion. It would’ve made a better brainstorm, if I were to probably draw in some drawings to go a long with the text.

(Here’s the second brainstorm).

As I kept my diagram as a reminder of what I had scrawled down; I started with Mr.Blue sky and started quickly getting down anything that came in to my head, that had anything to do with the song. I found that through the majority of the song, they repeatedly sing ‘Oh, Mr Blue Sky. Please tell us why?’ the vision of a million question marks hanging in the sky is what came to mind, but I started to think that this was a pretty obvious idea. I continued to extend this idea with both lines, imagery and soon text. I found that I wasn’t getting anywhere, until I was reminded that I was concentrating on feelings and how they link me with the song, so I took  on the idea of shapes, colour and line to encourage me to get some more concepts.

Doing so, I got one down; I was determined to get another five or seven done. I had to recap several times to work out where I was going with it; I had the idea of having just shapes and lines at first because when you listen to a song for the first time, you’re not really sure what to think of it until the second time of playing it, or even the third, forth or fifth replay. Your opinion of the song isn’t going to be your first, so I continued to work on the ideas a bit more while drawing shapes and lines while listening to the song.

Here are a few examples of the ideas I began working with:



These were focusing on the Red hot chili peppers song ‘Love roller coaster’; I found myself at first fiddling around with what imagery came to my head first. I’m pretty pleased that I started off with doing that, as it gave me a starting point before moving on.

I wanted to employ this same, or similar method to the other poster ideas and I did start to do that, but I felt like i could do a lot more. To reflect my feelings for the song, I started making a link to them via the shapes curvatures and the choice of colours used. However, I used the same colour scheme for each poster idea, which is the downfall. I was advised by Sara on my feedback to probably not use the same colour scheme simply to make each song individual which I didn’t think of at first, so that’s been helpful.  It allowed me to rethink on my ideas and experiment with them more.

I’ll begin to discuss about the tests, experimentation with medium techniques and my extended ideas in the next couple of posts to come.


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