The soundtrack of my life- 4/?

Returning to another talk about The Soundtrack of my life project, I will now present you with my thoughts, ideas and any other little adjustments that have been made.

With the song ‘Mr. Blue sky’, I mentioned previously how it kicks up these psychedelic images that have blobs of shape, or even lines that wiggle across? I continued to work with this concept in my book, but I found myself with testing out the lines which I originally thought would appear to look good, if they were to be laid on top of the first layers of colour.

It took a lot of effort at first to try and get the lines just right, but what I found fascinating was the textures the acrylic paint created while it was being pressed against another sheet of paper.

Looking back at it now, the lines remind me of the change in feelings for the song, or they could also reflect the change in the beat during the song. Below,  are the other two examples of the ideas I came up with while listening to the songs over and over. The one on the left is for Mr Blue sky and the right is for Year 3000. I attempted to make subtle hints to the music videos, such as the question mark and the game’s ship, but as I reminiscence on this, the use of circles and other shapes that go along with this really aid the emotions I want to depict, which are: energy, happiness, excitement and the other ones I’ve mentioned before.  Besides, the thought of the songs being energetic, and creating a psychedelic sensation; the word ‘retro’ registered with me, this may be due to the fact that in Year 3000’s music video by Busted, it starts off with an old game screen and with this thought in mind, I looked in to poster designers who used pixels.








So far, these two posters are portraying what I want them to, nonetheless I continued to take this further by drawing these again, but on A4 paper outside of my sketchbook. I always enjoy working on these kinds of pieces of work outside of the sketchbooks, as it helps me to develop different ways of presenting them.

Acrylic and drawing ink. I drew out the Mr Blue sky  idea out, it was going all swell until I was met with how I was going to test the mediums out on the page. The ink was terrible. It was utterly useless as the darker tones were always so lousy at blending with the brighter colours; I was disappointed. It was also a rush job. I used a large, flat brush for this and I couldn’t get the separate sections, also when I placed the paint down, the lines from the betrol finetip pen kept showing all the way through.

Brooding over how this was such a horrible test and what a big mess it was, I recalled another method, which was the linograph way? well, I’m not sure on what it was called, but it involves a little thing called ‘Masking tape’. It was an easier process as I was able to section off neatly the lines I wanted and got the first few tones of colour in place.

Testing it, I was ecstatic with the results! I even went as far as to test out the different kinds of patterns I could do with it and another thing I was quite fond of was the way the paint creates a bumpy layer, so it’ll help encourage the idea of a poster having a touchable surface, perhaps? Once again, I had to consider the song Mr. Blue sky, this emphasised an array of blue tones to lighter, more bolder ones, such as yellow.

Sara mentioned that the blank spaces involved were a nice aspect to it, and now that I look at it, I agree. It exaggerates that feeling of change with in the emotions and the music being played.

I’m planning on continuing this process, but in a larger scale to see how far I can go with these.


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