The soundtrack of our lives: Testing out and process.

Slipping in to our final week of preparation for the poster project, I did mention in my previous post that I was going to update sooner, but hey, it’s been a pretty hectic week. From receiving my feedback on what could be my considered three final ideas; I was slightly taken back. I was expecting bad feedback as I wasn’t particularly confident with the ideas that I had. I did have a feeling that something was quite off about them, but couldn’t figure it out by myself, so the response was very helpful, as I didn’t think I would be able to continue and just say ‘Oh, yeah. This is my final set of posters’.  Taking the advice further, I started to experiment with ways in which I could use brush strokes to cover up a few of the swirls that appeared to look like roses; I think they may of appeared to look this way, due to the colour pallet chosen.

As I was particularly fond with those set of colours, since they reflect not only the feelings of tingliness and awkwardness that I feel from the song ‘Love rollercoaster’, but they strongly reflect on the word ‘love’ as pink hues are typically the first tones to associate with it. I also used the swirls in this poster to link in with the ‘Mr. Blue Sky’ poster, although, the swirls are also a symbol of the loops that a roller coaster ride would make.

To the left, I’ve highlighted the changes I’ve made to the poster. While the paint marks are rough and there’s some over spill, this makes the overall image appear to look messy. I strongly believe that leaving the marks to do whatever they want, after I’ve made my own is their own representation in the change in feelings for the song I’ve chosen.


After fixing that issue, I did some more research on type styles, but I focused more on handrawn writing instead. This was indeed done for the titles, I admit that I still have a long way to go when it comes to typography, anyway, I planned on putting in the songs titles in to the posters because it gives them a little bit more context to what the posters are about.

I started to play around with the positioning as well, I found that sometimes the text would distract my eyes from the image itself, so I needed to find a way of having the text presented on the sheet of paper, but wouldn’t be too eye catching. I had to bear in mind that, the choice of style needs to depict the mood and would also have to help pull the three images together.

Here are a few examples of the ones that I thought worked well with the images:


These were some styles I started working with by hand using promarkers, the images here are test drafts that I was working with by hand also. The technique that was used to create this process was with masking tape and with very light acrylic washes. I’m hoping that next time the paint will be a bit thicker next time because I really want those marks to stand out. As for the text, these four were the stronger outcomes as they emphasise energy, happiness (which can be seen with in the bright yellow used) and boldness. It would’ve been good if I was able to capture a face-on photo of these, but the pen marks used to create the letter forms are quite effective. They appear to link back to the research and mark making practice that I’ve been doing, so I’m quite pleased with that.

Over lunch time, I spent some time photocopying the draft images as a4 to test out a concept form idea for a considered presentation for the poster, which I would like to state again, that I mentioned about this in my previous post. I was keen on having another option in the presentation, for example a poster that folds up in to a leaflet. I went ahead and tested this out and tried folding the paper up in many different ways. To be honest, I wasn’t pleased with these at all, I wanted to do something unusual to back up how quirky my feelings were for these songs in particular, but there’s always time to come back to this and play around again in future. I have learned from this, that I shouldn’t rush in to the first idea that pops up in to my head first.


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