Photography: Week 1 and 2– “It’s awfully sunny out here, but I do like a bit of SHADE.”

First of all, this isn’t my first time doing this kind of Photography that involves exposures and the dark room. I spent some time doing a few little projects in my first and second year at UCA Maidstone, but that was a little slit in a box and letting the sun expose the paper inside.  I must admit I was looking very forward to doing a subject that involved the darkroom because it can lead you to many different outcomes and they can either turn out bad or good. In spite of that, it’s only in the eye of the viewer that it can be considered that way.

I’ll now begin to brief you on what happened for the first week.  It was the introduction week, we all had our first little talk about the cameras and how to use them– that, I was new to. From our 20 to 30 minute talk about the preparation of cameras, the ways we can use it to take interesting shots, I found myself being a little confused on some of the details. Sometimes, the camera wouldn’t click at all for me, but moving on from that, the next stage was going out and taking our photographs. Spencer advised us to take a couple of shots of each other as a test first, so I did. I managed to get a few decent shots of Sasha. At that point of time, I didn’t know what the result would turn out like, it could of turned out blurry, or as sharp as a whistle.

Progressing on, as a group we made our way down to Brick lane. Brick lane always has such fantastic, quirky and rough features to see all around. We went on snapping, but as I mentioned before about my camera not clicking, I don’t think I was able to grasp as many images due to that. I did get some though, as I checked on the film reel when I returned to the studio.


Before I go on to talk about the exposures, I found some intriguing posters pinned up on the wall, and I thought that this would be quite a perfect link in to the project for ‘The soundtrack of our lives’ as this is a poster series, which are synced with each other. Though, the place was grubby and made me feel slightly uncomfortable, the art work on the walls draw me away from that sensation. The bold lines, colours and lack of detail enthralls me.

On to the return back to the studio, when it came to developing the film, I had accidentally over exposed mine, so I ended up losing half of my photographs. I took it with an ‘Oh well’, but I felt extremely gutted by the loss. They could’ve been pretty useful for any future projects, or even this one. Then again, I could always retake the shots of the ones I wanted to take again.

The testing process was good way of practicing and experimenting with the timer and light settings, I wasn’t very good with this process either, but with some help, I was able to get on to getting some more done.

As you may see, the photos appear to be larger than the contract sheet thumbnails; this was done via the enlarger and the image was caught on the light projected on to the photo sheet. The first few tests were coming out blurry,  these were done for 24 seconds on the timer. I had to double check, whether or not the sharpness was there or not, but it turns out the problem was actually the image.














Tried out a sharper image this time, it was quite a nice outcome. I really loved how graphic this photo was, I was also quite fond of the thick marks made.


One of my favourite shots; there’s a strong focal point on this.


This one was actually an error made; there were two images and they some how merged together when they were being developed. The thing that struck about his was that the outcome was unusually luring, there were some aspects on it that made me want to pay close attention to.

Taking everything in to account so far, I’ve really enjoyed these two sessions so far because it allows us to experiment, test and be free with what we’re doing and I particularly enjoy recording things that I find unusual or things that people don’t tend to pay a lot of attention to.


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