Photography workshop- Week 3

It’s been a very, long while since I’ve updated here, but to start off, I’ll be giving a brief feedback on the last week of the photography workshop which I attended. Compared to the previous two weeks where they were more experimentive with developing photos on the photographic paper (is that what you call it?) , this time it involved cartridge paper.  I was quite confused about this method when it was first mentioned, as I’ve never seen or heard of using cartridge paper to print the photos on or even a basic image, so, yes, I was pretty new to this.

I chose two different images to print on to ascetate; the first one was actually a  drawing base for the GOATBED poster, that I later edited in photoshop by using a photograph I had taken in week one. As they had to be in black and white, I changed it to that in the desaturate filter. While I may mention what my second photo was, some may tell me that, that was a poor decision. So, I purposely re-used the same photograph that I used in the edited version for my drawn image. I did this intentionally to see what the difference would be between the two and by having a 2d image on top of a 3d image, it certainly did make a huge difference.

I was actually quite fond of the outcome, as they proved how different an image can look once you play around with it a little.

For example, I layed them over each other:

It became an even bolder and more graphic image. I absolutely adored how there’s this overlap of different lines and stripes coming across over the drawn/edited image.

Besides learning about this very new technique, I learnt from the testing, experimentation and development of each image was that I need to be more patient with how I set each thing out. I felt that on a couple of the wash outs, I was rushing the process and that left the image to underdevelop or over develop at times. I was truely disappointed in myself for doing this, but then again, that wasn’t the only lesson I had learnt.

(will post photos of these later)

With each ascetated image I had created, they can be seen a new light once they are re-arranged on the paper differently, or if I over layed the two together they would become a new photograph; this in itself was quite interesting.


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