Collect, analyse and re-assemble: Exhibition and critique. (1/?)

Working together as a team, we hosted our very own exhibition in the cafeteria area. Exhibitions aren’t always my cup of tea, when it comes to getting it together, I must admit. While I also did state ‘working together’, I felt that I lacked in that part when figuring out how I could help others, I did however start to consider how my book (and case) for this project could be displayed.

There’s not an awful a lot of space for everyones work to go, if you were to put in to mind that the canteen’s pretty small and there’s a lot of work. We made do with what we had though; baring this in mind, when displaying my book, I found that the book was far too thick and had trouble staying up right on the shelve, that I originally intended to display it on, this led me to believe that I could probably find another place to set it up.

So, there were this pile of boxes in the corner, luckily enough I was able to use one of those and position the book upright. From looking at it, it looked kind of floppy, this may have been due to the think, scrappy piece of card used for the book cover. I may need to keep in mind, that I need to change that because in my opinion, that was one of the only downfalls about my book– The cover. If it was harder card, it may be able to be presented a bit more neatly.  Speaking of the presentation on the box, Sara later suggested moving it to near the window, as its current position was hidden and could easily be missed; I felt this was a good idea. I did try this method first, but I didn’t want the book to be merged with the others on display, although the fact that it’s placed on the orangey-red box makes it stand out.

Looking back at the exhibition presentation so far and seeing how everyone organised their stuff, it shows that some thought and effort had been put in to it.

I had a few notes for myself in future that I may need to think back to in future:

  • How is the display of the object going to be laid out?
  • Where will the object go?
  • Is there any context to the display or object?
  • Will the display help the object?
  • Lighting? shadows?

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