Collect, analyse & re-assemble: Exhibition (2/?)

While there’s a lot of tension in the room, when it comes to presenting the idea or final piece of work for this project, I felt that I should’ve been less nervous as this isn’t the first time that we have to present our ideas to the group. The feedback given was helpful, but admitingly, once I got home I figured that I may of explained my project differently compared to how Ihad explained it on my blog and in my sketchbook notes. I’ve got to be very specific with how I say things, or explain them to others, as they won’t be able to clearly understand what I’m trying to put forward. As of the feedback, I’ve started to re-make the front cover, as this is one of the aspects that let the book down, but looking at the positive side of this book, at least I was able to show to everyone what I had put together, analysed and reassembled as a collection.

Although, the collection may of been prejected in a different way, which could lead to some confusion of whether or not my book was about the pencil collection, which would have the marks, prints of the markings it makes, the structures (basically, everything you could do and work with from the 200 and something pencils I had), or it’s a collection of marks created by pencils? By looking over the layout of the pages with in the book, I think what may help would be to re-arrange the pages again, so they follow along and link in with one another to show what the collection is about and how it’s been used as a starting point; which was my original intention.  So, it could start of with the lines and patterns created as a starting point by the grey tones pencils; moving in to the coloured ones, then moving on to the marks and shapes of the pencils and following on from there.

As for the photos of the pencils, I’m going to keep the collection of the pencils at the front, then put the photos of the pencil structures at the back to show that they can be handled as models or for sculpturing purposes. It might be a bit of a downfall, but it’s a risk I’m going to try and take, until I figure out how I can work around with this collection. I plan to make another seperate book just with the photos of the pencils as well, as a ‘just in case’ this plan doesn’t work.

Please stay tuned for the next update, as it’s another update to show the making and thought process behind the setting out of the images for the content of the book. Thanks for reading~.


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