Artist/Designer of the week: Nokkasili

I came across Nokkasili on Illustrator’s lounge. They’re one of those many amazing Tumblr artists and I must agree with everything that Illustrator Lounge had to say about their work. It’s enthralling to look at; each piece is different in its own way and they have their own seperate qualities to them that make them unique.


One in particular that caught my eye was this one (above),  while it may appear that not much is going on in the picture, but if you observe it closer, there’s a quite a lot going on.  The use of colours building up delicately create a sense of mood around the figure. The fact that the girl (which I assume?) is wrapped up and holding an umbrella, may suggest that she’s about to leave or go somewhere? or maybe as there’s an door of blank space, perhaps she’s entering a building?. Either way, there could be many possibilities to what’s going on in the image and I particularly adored the colour usage, which I’ve already pointed out.

Nokkasili’s tumblr page.


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