Collect, analyse & re-assemble (3/?)

Here’s the post as promised. From my feedback with Matthew on how I wanted to lay out all of the work together and start making decisions on to what was going to be the content of the book, I came to the decision that laying them out in a certain way to make each page visually appealing. While this was a way of showing what I had together to show how I’ve analysed, re-assembled and worked with this collection as a whole, from further feedback at the crit; it wasn’t clear as it seemed.

(insert photos here)

When going over the content again, I decided to stick with my starting point idea and I think I did take this literally as a starting point at first. I gathered up all of the different pages that had been worked on in grey pencils (HB, sketchpencils etc.) and re-arranged them in away that it shows development of how one would be able to use the pencil (Basic marks–> lines—> patterns—> doodles–> more detailed sketches. ) and I followed this on with the other images I had, like the colouring pencils and the sculptures. In a way, this was my way of catagorising all of the work together and giving them a sense of order. It was pretty effective once I placed everything together and checked over it once more. Doing this took a while, but in the end, it was all worth it. I took my time with doing this, so the outcome was a lot neater than the book I had presented previously.

What I’ve learnt by doing this, is that I need to be patient. I may have a deadline or a time limit to the project, but I can’t do things half-assed. They need to make sense, they need to have order and that overall needs to show. I really want to take this project further, but I may try out another collection in future.


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