The coloured projects

Found some interesting projects at JeongMee Yoon’s website and these are based on how they’ve been exploring the trends in cultural preferences and different tastes in children.


It actually starts to make me think, that in a way that’s very similar to the collection project, but he’s given it some further context. Isn’t it typical or seen as normal in todays society to see that girls should have things that are pink, and boys have blue? Yes, that’s stereotyping, but from the moment you’re born, you are encouraged to follow a set rule in how you should look in appearance, or how you should behave. If these rules are broken, or altered, you automatically receive a different response from others, anyway, I wanted to talk about how interesting the differences were in several of the photographs I’ve seen from their projects. It’s also kind of funny that all of the boys were different, but had similar items of toys, clothes and accessories in different shades of blue, while with girls it was the similar clothes, toys, accessories, but in pink.


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