Adrian and Kieron’s workshops – pt1

Starting off with Adrian’s workshop for the morning up until 1pm, we were introduced to this pretty handy program called ‘After effects’. I can’t remember, if I mentioned before, if I’ve worked with this program in the past or not? but well, it was a new experience, as I was able to learn some very new techniques to do with type. Now, this involved moving it; re-positioning it and even starting to think of ways of how we could animate it.

Above are presented with a few screen shots of how the composition looked like from the start (just before editing), and with a few camera movements, we were able to move a spot light across the screen. I was completly enthralled with the outcome; I’m still differing over whether or not I should use this effect with my typo or not. I may just play around more with the angling and skewing methods.

While, I intend to start looking in to using Stop motion for this project; I also want to do some transitions or positionings in After effects. The software looks really smooth and useful so far.

However, this method was a little more complicated to do– a little bit.  With the piece of text, we had to make it change colour on specific sections, then change in to a word. It didn’t take too long to do, but well, it’s not as if you had to insert too many keyframes or do much it, which is time saving.

Moving on to Kieron’s workshop, we were presented with some title sequences, music videos and other type involved creations; these were shown to us, to help us get a better grasp at what kinds of things we could create or even try out.

There was one particular designer which stood out to me, though, this may be due to that I did some research on him before and enjoyed watching his title sequences. Saul Bass’ Walk on the wildside. I’m not entirely sure why, that particular sequence stayed in my head. It may be because it was quite simple?

Music/sound, image and text seem to play their equal share of roles with in this footage and they work effectively together. I’m also intrigued with how the focus is on the cat and how using the cat would create a link with the title ‘Walk on the wildside’. The cat walking in the wild, but also being wild.

While these were being shown, I finally decided my intention of how I’m going to present my words as a moving image for the project: I want to make the transitions and/or the words become their definition. I started to briefly speak to Kieron with this, and he gave me some helpful advise in how I can do this.

Words, such as ‘latch’ can actually latch on to another word or hang on to an area of the screen? I continued to play around with these ideas and I’m still continuing to do so.



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