Collect, re-assemble and analyse: NEW UPDATE

Another new update for a recently finished project, but I didn;t quite address the changes in what was suggested to me. As a reminder, there were a few, I wouldn’t say issues, but key things that I weren’t particularly fond of for the end object. The first thing was the cover of the book, which held my pencil collection in. The card used was very soft, flimsy and it pretty much fell apart when it came to putting it along with the pages and giving it a butterfly bind. The title on front of it wore out, and it didn’t really help it out in terms of presentation.

To fix this, I found two sheets of hard card, measured them out to the correct size and using the guillotine, I carefully cut it down. From looking at that on it’s own, I knew right away that this was going to help secure the product properly.  While I did find this task to go a head smoothly without any worry, there were a few worries that did come to mind.

  • What if the measurements were wrong?
  • Will it really secure the book and intended bind?

So, before moving on to working out the title and preparing it for the words to be cut out, I tested the bind again. I stood the book up in many positions, and even tested the fold as I opened the book up– Luckily, it was a lot stronger and as one of the tutors suggested in the crit, it did, indeed work.

The title for the book, I did start to think about this a bit, but as the first concept idea for it, by having the words cut out and have the image behind the cover show through was a success in the crit, I decided to keep to cutting the words out AND this time, I reminded myself about being patient and taking my time with it. There were a few problems at first with this method, due to how there was a lack of lighting and space on my desk at the time, but I proceeded with this gradually.

Also, with the use of the butterfly band, it allows the person (reader) to take the book apart and rearange the 4 sets of folded books inside in any way they want to organise it.  Although, next time, I may seperate the pages and make each page seperate so they can re-arrange or change it to their liking.





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